Sunday, June 28, 2009

Less than 1 week!

Well with less than 1 weeek until we leave for vacation, my house is starting to buzz with excitement!! Yesterday we laid out all our clothes and stuff that we wanted to take and packed it all away. We than weighed our luggage...we can only have 50 pounds. Ken and I are the only ones that went over and that is only because both of our stuff is in 1 suitcase. So we had to redistribute some of our things, but we have everything under control now...yeah!! There are just a few things that we need to add towards the end of the week but basically we are done. Now if we can just get through this week, we will be okay!

On a more serious note, my dad is still in need of prayer in many ways! He was released from the hospital yesterday after being in there for 1 week. He is still waiting for the results of the 2nd CT Scan to see if the blockage is still there. He also needs prayer for his kidneys. He is on the donor list and very impatient on getting a new kidney. I keep telling him it's all in God's timing and He has a plan, but he doesn't like those phrases very well! While he was in the hospital though, he prayed with one of his Pastors to make sure he is going to heaven...PTL!!

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