Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just Starting out..

Well, I've finally gotten caught up with technology and created a blog. Today I've been working on a quilt that I've started, and I was getting frustrated... I've only been quilting baby size but I thought I would try to make one a little less than full size. I wanted to try to quilt it with the machine but it wasn't working, so I guess I'll be doing it by hand for the next few years or however long it takes me. I thought I would put it down tonight before I rip it apart. Maybe I should invest in a quilting rack or a quilters sewing machine...Who knows?? Today is one of my days off from work and oh how I love those especially with my crazy schedule! I've been running around town trying to get little things done. Tyler and Chelsey are with their "Mama & Papa" this week in Ohio, so I'm missing them and eagerly waiting for them to come back. The house is so quiet now that they are gone...The other two, Whitney and Mikaela just sit up in their rooms and study...guess that's all part of college life. I've been craving Olive Garden- Pasta Fagioli soup for the last two days, so I had that for supper tonight... nummmmm! Today in my devotions I learned about trust and how we need to trust in God in even the small things, which I've learned a lot about the past few months with my dad being sick. It is just really nice to know how God cares about the little tiny things that we don't even care much about....What a mighty God we serve!! Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my day, I will progressively get better at this blogging thing as the days progress, and maybe add pictures soon also.