Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's been a long time

Wow! I'ts been a long time since I've been on my blog..almost 1 year. Since I've gotten a facebook account, it just seems like it's easier to keep up with everyone with facebook. Although the blog is very relaxing for me to just write out my thoughts. I will try to keep this up as well though. Mikaela and Tyler have blogs as well so maybe we can keep our relatives updated a little better. We are in the process of spring cleaning for Whitneys graduation in a few weeks. Lots of things to do!! I will try to keep you updated on our progress...pretty exciting I know... We did blow insulation into our attic last Saturday, put down a floor and move all our totes and memory boxes up there... took a lot of stuff out of our garage for more room... That is a good thing!! We bought window film that goes over our windows to keep them insulated a little better..I think that is next on the agenda, than maybe the garage if it doesn't rain on Saturday. Well I'm getting ready to go to bed so good night to all and to all a good night!!! Hahahaha

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Less than 1 week!

Well with less than 1 weeek until we leave for vacation, my house is starting to buzz with excitement!! Yesterday we laid out all our clothes and stuff that we wanted to take and packed it all away. We than weighed our luggage...we can only have 50 pounds. Ken and I are the only ones that went over and that is only because both of our stuff is in 1 suitcase. So we had to redistribute some of our things, but we have everything under control now...yeah!! There are just a few things that we need to add towards the end of the week but basically we are done. Now if we can just get through this week, we will be okay!

On a more serious note, my dad is still in need of prayer in many ways! He was released from the hospital yesterday after being in there for 1 week. He is still waiting for the results of the 2nd CT Scan to see if the blockage is still there. He also needs prayer for his kidneys. He is on the donor list and very impatient on getting a new kidney. I keep telling him it's all in God's timing and He has a plan, but he doesn't like those phrases very well! While he was in the hospital though, he prayed with one of his Pastors to make sure he is going to heaven...PTL!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting Closer to vacation....

We are getting closer to our vacation. We have our itinerary done, our packing list written up and some of our things ready to go into our suitcases. We will be packing next weekend... This weekend Ken's parents are coming over from Ohio, so we will enjoy the weekend with them. Last weekend we drove to the airport to see where we will be going, since here in Indiana we have a brand new airport. They moved it 2 exits down. It is really nice and open compared to the last airport. So now we know where we will be parking, the ticket counter and than the best part the security we have to go through to board the plane!! It just made it more real to us that the time is getting closer....!! I'll keep you updated on how the packing is going and how our weekend went!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wow, what a week!

This has been some week... Last Friday night Ken was sick so I took him to the emergency room. We went to the new hospital and it was pretty nice. We were able to get right in and they take you to your own little room (no more curtains between you and the next bed) You have your own TV and even your own toilet in the corner that you can pull the curtain for privacy. High Tech here in Lafayette!! He has an upper respiratory viral infection. They have nothing to give for that, it just has to run its course on its own. So lots of Nyquil, cold medicine, frozen cokes for his throat and sleep!! He's doing a little better at least his throat feels better. He still has a cough that keeps him(and me) up most of the night. So the weekend was spent at home most of the time for me and the whole time for him. Monday he stayed home from work also. I just hope no one else gets it as bad as he had it. Mikaela is starting to feel sick so hopefully it's just a cold that she can handle...

Tyler is now pretty much done with his school... I did his transcript the other night so he is eagerly awaiting college this fall. There are a few last minute things he still has to wrap up... but I have 3 kids down and 1 more to go!! Hallelujah!!! Chelsey is just beginning High School so a lot more keeping records and making sure all the required classes for a diploma is taken. She already has the electives chosen as far as right now. She probably will change her mind as the years go by... we will see! She has been working on her first High school class so far this summer and that is Health. She loves Science and anything to do with Science, so she is loving it. Her first 8 years she has done very well... some years better than others :) I am very proud of all my kids when it came to homeschooling. Yes some years it was harder and some days really hard but overall looking back.. they did good. We all have learned a lot individually as well as a family. Homeschooling is one of the best things that we have chosen for our children.

This week I found out that some friends of ours from a few years back lost everything they had in a garage/house fire on Monday of this week. I haven't seen them for a while or talked to them lately but I hear they are doing well. Rodney has been working with the insurance companies and Karen left for a Mission Trip that she had organized at her Church. Not even a fire (purely Satan) will keep her from telling others about Jesus...amazing! She will be gone until June 11th. I know that the family will really appreciate all the prayers...please be thinking about them as they are going through a really tough time.

Hope all of you are having a fantastic week so far.....