Thursday, May 28, 2009

This week has seemed like a long week for some reason. Maybe it's the weather which has been gloomy part of the time. Maybe it's because I've had to get up early every morning to take kids to work. Whatever the reason, I just hope this week goes better as it nears the end. Today it just seems like everyone/everything is in slow motion. Work went well, just slow! I've been trying to exercise more either walking or riding our stationary bike and even working on my abs on our ab machines. I have felt a little better, it just takes a while to get in a routine and to make myself keep doing it. I find myself coming home and being too tired or sore from the day before or just not feeling the energy that seems to disappear as the day gets near an end. Not sure how I can get past the energy-zapper monster.

I'm still waiting for a response from our Compassion child, Firji. I can't wait to get her first letter. Tyler has since become a sponsor but his child is through World Vision. He's just a little guy...age 2. He is adorable also. So to date we have 4 sponsored children in this household. Just knowing that we are helping someone else in need feels amazing. God is at work in our family. My children have complete joy in giving their hard-earned money (that they can blow on CD's and other stuff for themselves) on a child in need. Absolutely Priceless. God is so awesome how He gives to us. I just feel so lucky to have the family I have, God has blessed me with such wonderful, compassionate, loving and sacrificial children that love the Lord with all their heart and they want to please not only us as parents but God first and foremost. Please keep our family in your prayers and also our "extended family"...our sponsored children... I know they would appreciate it!!
Whitney's........ Jarbin from Mexico
Mikaela's........ Daniela from Bolivia
Tyler's.......... Luis from Honduras
Ours............. Firji from Indonesia

Sunday, May 17, 2009

This week...

This week has been a good week. Last Monday, I started walking with a friend around the neighborhood. It was so nice and relaxing to get out and exercise..yes I said relaxing. We walked and talked and were able to catch up on each others lives. Thursday night, she had called and couldn't make it so I took Mikaela, Tyler and Chelsey with me...that was fun too. The kids did great and I listened to my MP3 player and talked to them...Yes, I can multi-task pretty good by now! Saturday night I went by myself, and this time it was very relaxing also, I listened to my music and walked and had time just to think about life. Today Ken and Tyler played golf while Whitney and I tagged along. I was Ken's caddy so I pushed the automatic cart bag that would go by itself, (golfing has come a long way) and put the clubs away when he was done. Mikaela and Chelsey went to the mall for the afternoon. We walked on the par 3 course, so I was able to get some exercise again. I feel pretty good after all this week of walking... a little sore just because of my joints but it felt good to get out and move. I just need to keep it up and stay motivated.

In Church today the service was about worrying. It was good to be reminded that God is in control and we shouldn't worry about anything. It is so easy these days to worry about the economy, money, jobs, layoffs, food, etc. It was good to hear that God loves us so much more than the birds and flowers, He will give us everything we need and He even gives us much much more that that. That gets me thinking about all the people who don't have much, like in other countries. They depend on God so much more than we do... We get to the point of us forgetting that everything we have is because God has given it to us... we do nothing on our own! It's very humbling when you really think about it and let God speak to your heart..We are His children and He will provide for us our needs... not our wants!

Ken and I sponsor a child from Indonesia through Compassion. She is so adorable, and I can't wait to get the first letter from her. Please pray for her and her family... her name is Firjinia (Firji) Marcelia Marlina Manurip. God has blessed us so that we can be a blessing for someone else. Isn't God Awesome, the way He works through others!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Medicine...

Well I've been on my new medicine for a week now and it seems like I'm doing okay. He is gradually decreasing my dose for the prednisone each month until it is done. He put me on a new medicine...It's called hydroxychloroquine, which helps reduce the inflammation, swelling, stiffness and pain. It does take a long time to build up in the body, and I may not notice the benefits from it for 2-6 months. It does affect the eyes so I need to be in constant communication with my eye doctor and let him know I am taking this medicine, and if I have any problems so he can know if there is any changes in my vision. I am still going to be on the prednisone for a while and I still have the Naproxen that I can take for pain. So by the time I am done with the prednisone, this medicine should be all I'll need! I guess this medicine was initially developed for the treatment of malaria... very interesting! It's nice to know what kind of prescriptions I'm taking and I really like my Rheumatologist, he definately knows what he's talking about and very knowledgeable. He makes sure I understand everything including side effects to watch for, what I can take and not take, etc. So I feel very relieved to know that I have a good doctor, since this is something that doesn't go away. Tomorrow I go for my mammogram... not fun! I am going to go for the night and I will write more later. Thanks for visiting me...